A three-part video work, in which the story of a failed meeting is told, each time by a different protagonist. In “The Elusive Life of Mr. A”, the first part, Mr. A, who would like to show his work, speaks up. “The Bitch” is part of the involuntary audience, she would rather watch her television program. Finally, Mr. C, a curator with ambitions, becomes a further “victim” of the irritated Mr. A in “The Reality Check”.

Director's Biography
Susi Jirkuff, geb. 1966, studierte an der Kunstuniversität Linz und ist bildende Künstlerin. Ihre vorrangigen Medien sind Zeichnung, Video und Animation. Ihre Arbeiten wurden bereits bei zahlreichen internationalen Festivals gezeigt. // Filme (Auswahl): HOW WE DO (2005), TRAVEL STAINED (2009), A B C (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Susi Jirkuff
Austria 2012
11 minutes