Adalbert Stifter / 24 Ansichten

Adalbert Stifter / 24 Observations

A form of narrative, created in 24 miniatures, about a place where the historical and present, mundane and significant, city nature and city traffic meet.

Director's Biography
Edith Stauber (*1968, Linz) graduated from the University of Arts Linz. Her works are located at the interface of film, drawing, and painting. Recipient of the 2008 Cultural Award of the Province of Upper Austria (category Film).
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Adalbert Stifter / 24 Ansichten (Adalbert Stifter / 24 Observations, 2022) - Linz / Stadtpfarrkirche (Linz / City Parish Church, 2019; CE'19) - Stunden Minuten Tage (Hours Minutes Days, 2017; CE'17&19) - Nachbehandlung (After Treatment, 2012; CE'12&19) - 3 Miniaturen aus dem Leben mit 47 (3 Miniatures from Life at 47, 2015; CE'16&19) - Eintritt zum Paradies um 3€20 (Admission to Paradise for 3€20, 2008; CE'08&19). In 2019, CROSSING EUROPE dedicated a Local Artists special to Edith Stauber.
Local Artists 2022
Edith Stauber
Austria 2022
13 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Edith Stauber
Cinematography Edith Stauber
Editing Edith Stauber
Sound/Sounddesign Edith Stauber
Producer(s) Edith Stauber
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2022