ALL NIGHT - The Parov Stelar Tour Movie 2012/2013

A journey through Europe of a different kind. The tour movie about the Parov Stelar Band shows segments from the musicians' tour life traveling all across Europe in their bus. London, Paris or Athens, no journey is too far for them to make their fans happy with their breathtaking shows. More than sixty concerts in front of and behind the stage, more than 330 hours of film material compressed into 38 minutes.

Director's Biography
Florian Schwarz, geboren 1988 in Linz. Manuel Knoflach, 1984 in Kufstein geboren. Beide studieren seit 2010 an der Kunstuniversität Linz Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien. Seit ihrem Kennenlernen arbeiten sie gemeinsam an verschiedensten Videoprojekten. // Filme (Auswahl): LOVE REMIX – PAROV STELAR (2012, short), NOBODY'S FOOL - PAROV STELAR (2012, short), OUR TURN - THE BORDERLINERS (2013, short), WASTED SOBER - THE BORDERLINERS (2014, short; CE '14), ALL NIGHT - THE PAROV STELAR TOUR MOVIE 2012/2013 (2013)
Local Artists 2014
Florian Schwarz, Manuel Knoflach
Austria 2013
color & black and white
38 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Florian Schwarz, Manuel Knoflach
Cinematography Florian Schwarz, Manuel Knoflach
Editing Florian Schwarz, Manuel Knoflach
Music Parov Stelar
Florian Schwarz, Manuel Knoflach, Parov Stelar