Monochrome and reduced in language, ALLERSEELEN is a nightmare retelling and therefore places free association and dream logic above a coherent narrative structure.

Director's Biography
Michael J. Keplinger (*1999, Linz) currently studies media technology in St. Pölten. His video PICK UP YOUR CROSS (AND FOLLOW ME) recently won the award for Best Music Video at the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival in Venice.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Allerseelen (2021) - Pick Up Your Cross (and follow me) (2020) - Ensemble (Musik in Stadt und Land) (2020) - False Neon God - Michael Julian Keplinger (2019; CE'20) - TALKING or (a postmodern approach to discussion) (2019)
Local Artists 2022
Michael J. Keplinger
Austria 2021
black and white
9 minutes
Screenplay Michael J. Keplinger
Cinematography Niklas Strahammer
Editing Michael J. Keplinger, Niklas Strahammer, Monika Süß
Sound/Sounddesign Michael J. Keplinger, Niklas Strahammer
Music Michael J. Keplinger
With Magdalena Mayr, Florentina Leitner
Producer(s) Alexandra Bogner, Niklas Strahammer, Michael J. Keplinger