Despite her critical acumen, SHE, an artist who is fully aware of her appeal, is dating the picture-perfect alpha male Simeon: a conceited bohemian genius who wears a proud armor of lewd pseudo authenticity. He insists on having an open relationship, but still wants to own his girl. However, in reaction to the inconspicuous man on the park bench – “you’re the naked girl from Instagram” – SHE is much quicker in confronting him with a smug male mirror. (…) In the shine of its own surfaces, ASCHE hides the deceptive shallowness that society constantly motivates us to cultivate and confuse with our inner selves. (Bianca Jasmina Rauch, sixpackfilm)

Director's Biography
Elena Wolff (*1993) is an Austrian actor, director, and comedian born in Berlin. They graduated from Anton Bruckner University Linz in 2019 and has since worked freelance in theatre, film, and TV. In 2021, they premiered their first stand-up solo show, APOKALYPSE Frau*. Their directing debut, PARA:DIES had its world premiere in Saarbrücken, at the film festival Max Ophüls Preis. ASCHE was partly shot in Linz and funded by the Land OÖ, Kunst und Kultur.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Asche (2024) - Luft (2023, short) - Para:Dies (2022; CE22) - schweben. (swaying., 2021, short, co-directed with Julia Windischbauer; CE21, Local Artist Award) - Mo(nu)ment (2019, short)
Local Artists 2024
Elena Wolff
Austria 2024
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Elena Wolff
Cinematography Nora Einwaller
Editing Alba Diaz
Sound/Sounddesign Lukas Benedicic
With Elena Wolff, Thomas Schubert, Naomi Bah, Celine Meral, Selina Graf, Simon Kluth, Nils Svenja Thomas, Til Schindler
Producer(s) Elli Leeb, Elena Wolff (Co-Produzentin / Co-Producer)
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World Premiere
Diagonale 2024