Balkan Champion

A glimpse of contemporary Romanian history: There are problems with the political career of the Hungarian lawyer and politician Elöd Kincses. His attempts to be elected to parliament as an independent candidate are unsuccessful. Réka Kincses observes her father‘s situation and takes stock for him: Why has it not been possible for him to gain a foothold in the political system since 1989? Archive material, summary inserts, a personal off-screen commentary and moving scenes from the everyday life of the family are conjoined into a multilayered confrontation with a personal past. There are as many different ways of reading this past, as there are people involved. The film project does not remain impervious to this either: the author‘s orientation and her perspectives of her parents change. (Duisburger Filmwoche)

European Panorama 2007
Réka Kincses
Germany 2006
86 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Réka Kincses
Cinematography András Petrik, Jakob Wehrmann, Júlia Varga
Editing Réka Lemhényi, Jakob Wehrmann, Beatrice Babin
Music Calexico, Zorán, Elemér Kincses
With Calexico, Zorán, Elemér Kincses
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