Banane - Äffchen & Craigs

“Say banana!”–Äffchen sits in the back seat, annoying the driver, Craigs. When Craigs has had enough, the road trip comes to an end. Their reconciliation is a dance.

Director's Biography
Florian Hackl (*1980) studied media design and physics in Linz. He lives in Vienna. The Upper Austrian duo Äffchen & Craigs consists of rapper Stephan “Äffchen” Roiss and drummer Christoph “Craigs” Hehn.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Banane - Äffchen & Craigs (2021) - Faust (2019, Hackl) - Februar Null (2017, Hackl) - Labattack (2011, Hackl)
Local Artists 2022
Florian Hackl, Äffchen & Craigs
Austria 2021
3 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Florian Hackl, Äffchen & Craigs
Cinematography Florian Hackl
Editing Florian Hackl
Music Äffchen & Craigs
Producer(s) Äffchen & Craigs