Beauty and the Lawyer

Hasmik is a lawyer who fights for LGBTIQA+ rights, her husband appears in the media as drag performer Carabina, does sex work and makes his life in a queer-phobic environment the subject of an autobiographical theatre performance. The film, which evolved out of close friendship and is always one step behind the wild energy of Garik/Carabina, takes a precarious, raw, but also utopian-tinted look at current social struggles. The longing for normality, emancipation and responsibility finds themselves exposed – sometimes powerless and unprotected – to violent defamation. (Jan Künemund, DOK Leipzig)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Beauty and the Lawyer (2023, doc)
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2024
Hovhannes Ishkhanyan
Armenia / France 2023
105 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Film guest(s) present: Hovhannes Ishkhanyan (Director)

Film guest(s) present: Hovhannes Ishkhanyan (Director)

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Cinematography Hovhannes Ishkhanyan
Editing Wei-Yuan Song
Sound/Sounddesign Thomas Fourel, Hovhannes Ishkhanyan
With Hasmik Petrosyan, Garik Amolikyan
Producer(s) Jean-Marie Gigon, Hovhannes Ishkhanyan
SaNoSi Productions
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2023