Berlin JWD

"Janz weit draußen" is what Berliners call the middle of nowhere – in his latest film, the arranger of cinematic observations, Bernhard Sallmann presents the outskirts of the German capital: be it in beautiful color gradients inspirited by tiny people, with an audiovisual focus on machines, or transmitting industrial coldness and calm evening sun into the cinema. The peripheral locations’ names themselves are no less wonderful: the Spree-Teltow Pyramid, Arkenberge (mountains of Arke), Dichtervillen (poets’ mansions). A feast of wimmelpictures and small sensations that demands the viewers’ patience by offering the ability to carefully watch something – an ability we are increasingly losing. (Jakob Dibold)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Berlin JWD (2022, doc) - Über Deutschland (2021, doc; CE'21) - Havelland Fontane (2019, doc) - Spreeland Fontane (2018, doc; CE'19) - Rhinland. Fontane (2017, doc; CE'18) - Oderland. Fontane (2016, doc; CE'17) - Die Welt für Sich und die Welt für Mich (2013, doc; CE'14) - Fastentuch 1472 (Lenten Veil 1472, 2015, doc) - Das schlechte Feld (The Bad Field, 2011, doc; CE’11) - Die Lausitz 20X90 (2004, doc; CE’06)
Local Artists 2022
Bernhard Sallmann
Germany 2022
74 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Bernhard Sallmann
Editing Christoph Krüger
Sound/Sounddesign Bernhard Sallmann, Klaus Barm
Producer(s) Bernhard Sallmann
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2022 / Filmarchiv Austria - Metro Kino

In cooperation with Filmarchiv Austria - Metro Kinokulturhaus.

The Filmarchiv Austria dedicates a retrospective to filmmaker Bernhard Sallmann at Metro Kinokulturhaus in Vienna, 30.4. - 11.5.2022.