Boris Ryzhy

Aliona van der Horst draws the portrait of a young 21st century poet, Boris Ryzhy, for whom life became unbearable. Through conversations with neighbors, family and friends, she pieces together a picture of the passionate and complex life of the poet. What emerges is a penetrating portrait of the perestroika generation who lost all certainties, becoming a generation of criminals and bodyguards. But despite all, Ryzhy loved this unhappy world, populated half by prisoners and half by their guards. He tried to transform its ugliness into the philosopher’s gold of poetic prosody.

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Gerlach (2023, doc; CE24) - Turn Your Body to the Sun (2021, doc; CE24) - Liefde is Aardappelen (Love Is Potatoes, 2017, doc; CE18 & 24) - 15 Attempts (2013, doc) - Don’t Shoot The Messenger (2013, doc) - Water Children (2011, doc; CE24) - Boris Ryzhy (2008, doc; CE10 & 24) - Voices Of Bam (2006, doc, co-directed with Maasja Ooms; CE24) - A Passion For The Hermitage (doc series, 2006) - Na de lente van ’68 (After The Spring Of ’68, 2001, mid-length doc) - De dame met het witte hoedje (The Lady with the White Hat, 1997, mid-length doc)
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Aliona van der Horst
Netherlands 2008
60 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Aliona van der Horst
Cinematography Maasja Ooms, Aliona van der Horst
Editing Maasja Ooms, Aliona van der Horst
Sound/Sounddesign Aliona van der Horst
Music Harry de Wit
With Boris Ryzhy (1974-2001), Artjom Ryzhy, Irina Knyazyeva, Olga Sosnovskaya, Margarita Ryzhaya, Sergej Luzin, Oleg Dozmorov
Producer(s) Frank van den Engel
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