Brace for Impact

Brace for impact! The commands from the flights attendants are insistent and cannot be misunderstood. Emer-gency! Open your safety belts! Put on your life vests! Out! Thick fog seeps into the cabin. There is no time left to think. In this year’s Crossing Europe trailer, Leni Gruber accompanies participants in a flight safety training and shows a simu-lated crash landing in documentary foot-age. Rehearsal for the emergency.

Director's Biography
Leni Gruber
Leni Gruber (*1991) is a two-time award winner at Crossing Europe. She studies screen writing and dramaturgy as well as production at the Film Academy Vienna. Next to her own work as a director and screen writer, she has also been successful as a producer, e.g. of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Sand und Blut” (“Sand and Blood”, 2017) by Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel.

Film Selection: Brace for Impact (2019, short, CE’19) - Schneemann (2018, short, CE’18) - It Is No Dream (2015, short) - Wösside – Wös Rap Rec (2015, short, CE’16)
Local Artists · Festivaltrailer 2019
Leni Gruber
Austria 2019
1 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Angelika Spangel