Fortress Europe has collapsed. North-Europeans are forced to migrate. Lucas, a middle-class man, gets stranded in a coastal village as he searches for a passage to a brighter elsewhere. Through the difficulties and dilemmas he faces, Fallow explores how far the end justifies the means and how the price we are prepared to pay can turn sacrifice into betrayal. Laurent Van Lancker’s debut feature mixes contemporary realities with predictions of a possible nearby future. Fallow is filmed on location in real settings – in refugee camps and the abandoned city of Doel.

Director's Biography
LAURENT VAN LANCKER is a Belgian anthropologist and filmmaker. He occasionally lectures at film schools around the world. Van Lancker’s works focus on cultural, social, and religious themes. His feature documentary film Surya, From Eloquence to Dawn won international awards and had a theatrical release in Belgium. Van Lancker is the author of various short and art films. Fallow is his feature film debut. // Films (selection): Entre deux mers (Between Two Seas, 1994, short), Pierre (2000, short), Surya, From Eloquence to Dawn (2006, doc), Brak (Fallow, 2015)
Competition Fiction 2016
Laurent Van Lancker
Belgium 2015
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Elvis Peeters, Laurent Van Lancker; based on a novel by Elvis Peeters
Cinematography Laurens De Geyter
Editing Simon Arazi
Sound/Sounddesign Arne Winderickx, Joey Van Impe, Laszlo Umbreit, Paul Heymans
Music Patrick Codenys, Laszlo Umbreit, Aroma di Amore
With Tibo Vandenborre, Aurora Marion, Sam Louwyck
Producer(s) Ellen Meiresonne (Polymorfilms, BE)
Polymorfilms 18 rue T. Verhaegenstraat 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Film Fest Gent 2015

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere