Brûle la mer

Burn the Sea

Maki, a young migrant Tunisian, who among many others, crossed the sea to Lampedusa after the revolution, said to me one day: “History is only written about great people, us, we don’t exist.” Months later, we decided to write a piece of history together. BURN THE SEA stands at the paradoxical crossroads between the dynamic energy of an ongoing revolution, the drive to set out for Europe, and the violence of being refused entry. The film seeks that which constitutes the sensitive core of a life at the moment of rupture. That which is tiny, common to us all, far from exoticism, but haunted by the dream, like a call. (directors' note)

Director's Biography
Nathalie Nambot is a French theater actress and film director. She studied at Toulouse University and campaigns for illegal migrants fighting against social exclusion and repression. Nambot is part of the L’Abominable film laboratory near Paris.

// Films (selection): AMI, ENTENDS TU (2010, doc), BRÛLE LA MER (Burn the Sea, 2014, doc) Maki Berchache was born in Zarzis, Tunisia. He arrived in France just after the fall of Ben Ali. Berchache is the co-author and co-director of BURN THE SEA.

// Films (selection): BRÛLE LA MER (Burn the Sea, 2014, doc)
Competition Documentary 2015
Maki Berchache, Nathalie Nambot
France 2014
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Nathalie Nambot, Maki Berchache
Cinematography Nicolas Rey
Editing Gilda Fine
Sound/Sounddesign Gilda Fine
With Maki Berchache, Saidi Shaharedin, Nobigh Badreddine, Al Fawaghara Shadi, Sohbani Selim, El Saleh Mahmoud
Producer(s) Alix Didrich, Eugénie Michel-Villette
Les Films du Bilboquet 76 bis boulevard Barbès 75018 Paris France T +33 9 83 06 08 44