bye, bye - nana d.

An aristocratic-like young lady is invited to a romantic rendezvous by two suitors. One takes her hunting, the other boating. However, the romantic mood does not last long...

Director's Biography
Manuel Bauer alias Max von Lux, geb. 1981 in Haslach a.d. Mühl. Absolvierte das Studium MultiMediaArt an der FH Salzburg und studiert derzeit an der Kunstuniversität Linz zeitbasierte Medien. // Filme (Auswahl): AETAS GALLINA(2010), FAREWELLS – THE SORROW (2011; CE '12), BYE, BYE – NANA D. (2011)
Local Artists 2012
Max von Lux (alias Manuel Bauer)
Austria 2011
3 minutes
without dialogue
Content notes