Carpatia - takes you on a poetic journey of time through the rural mountainous regions of Europe. They may seem outright foreign to us, but they nonetheless allow us to connect with common cultural and historical roots. This documentary portrays the people, places and the landscape of the Carpathian Mountains. Along this journey you‘ll meet gold diggers, wizards, cow herders and old Hasidim and gain insight into the lives of the other ethnic groups of the region, like the Hutsul, the Gorals and the Roma. (Andrzej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski)

European Panorama 2004
Andrezej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski
Germany / Austria 2004
127 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andrzej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski
Cinematography Ulrich Rydzewski
Editing Andrzej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski
Hektor + Rydzewski GmbH Binterimstr. 19 D-40223 Düsseldorf T +49 211-93386-0