Chez nous

This Is Our Land

Pauline, a self-employed nurse in a mining district in the north of France, raises her two children alone and cares for her father, a former steelworker. Devoted and generous, her patients love her and count on her. Yet, nobody sees that Pauline is slowly embarking on a path that no one in her family has taken before. A rising nationalist party is going to take advantage of her popularity by making her its candidate in the local elections … This Is Our Land shows the voices and sentiments hidden by the flag of populism and that thinking in terms of enemies is becoming increasingly commonplace in France. (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Director's Biography
LUCAS BELVAUX, born in 1961, is a Belgian actor and film director. His directing credits include the award-winning multi-genre Trilogie, consisting of three films with interlocking stories and characters. The Right of the Weakest was shown at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2006 and One Night won the Magritte Award for Best Screenplay. // Films (selection): Cavale (On the Run, 2002), Un couple épatant (An Amazing Couple, 2002), Après la vie (After Life, 2002), La raison du plus faible (The Right of the Weakest, 2006), 38 témoins (38 Witnesses, 2012), Chez nous (This Is Our Land, 2017)
European Panorama Fiction · Eröffnungsfilme | Opening Films 2017
Lucas Belvaux
France / Belgium 2017
114 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lucas Belvaux, Jerôme Leroy
Cinematography Pierric Gantelmi d’Ille
Editing Ludo Troch
Sound/Sounddesign Quentin Collette, Mathieu Weber, Luc Thomas, Beatrice Wick
Music Frédéric Vercheval
With Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier, Guillaume Gouix
Producer(s) David Frenkel (Synecdoche, FR), Patrick Quinet (Artémis Productions, BE), France 3 Cinema (FR), RTBF (BE), VOO (BE), Shelter Prod (BE)
Synecdoche 129 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France
Austrian Premiere
Verleih in Österreich / Austrian Distribution
Mariahilfer Straße 58/7
1070 Vienna, Austria

Weltpremiere/World Premiere
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

Premierenstatus/Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere