Colors of Noise, Pt. III

White noise has always fascinated me. “Something” is always out there somewhere. No state exists without white noise, there is no silence around us. Machines brought a new quality of white noise into our world. They are “always on”, and so are we. My images are also simply “on”, could always linger in their movement. My work is visual music, in which white noise and its two-dimensionality are expressed in a generated form that deals with the idea like this, because it has become detached from the transmitting medium and seeks its own materiality. (Rainer Kohlberger)

Director's Biography
Rainer Kohlberger, born 1982 in Linz (AT), is a freelance visual artist living in Berlin (DE). 2003-2007 studies of MultiMediaArt at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, diploma “Kalkulierte Abstraktion” passed with distinction. 2006 internship for Ulf Langheinrich, Granular Synthesis (
Cross Over · Festivaltrailer · Local Artists 2014
Rainer Kohlberger
Austria 2014
Screenplay Rainer Kohlberger