Corpus Homini

The human body might perhaps be thoroughly researched – but its needs and the hardships it endures often remain a mystery. Anatol Bogendorfer observes four basic principles of physical existence using the examples of a midwife, a family doctor, a sex worker, and an undertaker couple. With unembellished realism and respectful distance, he submerges in the working world and documents the becoming, dysfunctions, and sexual needs in this world. And the final farewell to it. (Diagonale)

Director's Biography
Anatol Bogendorfer (*1979) is a filmmaker, musician, and producer based in Linz. His first feature-length film, INNERE BLUTUNGEN premiered at Filmfest Hamburg and was an opening film of Crossing Europe 2013. CORPUS HOMINI is his second feature documentary and his production company BOXA FILM's cinematic debut.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Corpus Homini (2024) - Der Faulturm (2020; CE21) - HURE x 552 (Whore x 552, 2018; CE19) - Hotel Obscura (2016; CE16) - Lux Minor (2015; CE15) - Innere Blutungen (2013, doc. co-directed with Florian Sedmak; CE13) - Von Linz nach Venedig - Zu Fuß über die Alpen ans Meer (2009/10; CE10)
Local Artists 2024
Anatol Bogendorfer
Austria 2024
97 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Cinematography Christian Dietl
Editing Anatol Bogendorfer
Sound/Sounddesign Ina Fischer, Mario Stadler
Music Veronika J. König
With Verena Linder, Elisabeth Kogler, Harald Hanser, Kateryna Hanser, Julia von Steyr
Producer(s) Tabea Cray, Anatol Bogendorfer
World Premiere
Diagonale 2024