Taking up the theme of birth, we shot the frame story in the empty State Women‘s Clinic about to be demolished. Working on our own existence, being – Dasein – was symbolized by the manual labor depicted in various phases of work. The four episodes that interrupt the frame story deal with the very personal way that freundinnen der kunst approach the concept of Dasein.

Local Artists 2008
freundinnen der kunst
Austria 2007
20 minutes
Screenplay freundinnen der kunst
Cinematography Marion Geyer-Grois, Claudia Dworschak
Editing freundinnen der kunst
Music Verena Brückner, Lorenz Felhofer, Haarmann
freundinnen der kunst Nestroystraße 6 4040 Linz Österreich office@freundinnenderkunst.at www.freundinnenderkunst.at