Das Kind

The Child

Irma and her son Andre set out on a personal journey accross Europe in search of a past and a story of which Irma is the last witness. Irma combines significant places, meetings and personal reunions to offer us a spontaneous, poetic and deeply moving account of what has been her incredible destiny. A Jew, communist and Resistance fighter, whose life spanned the dark moments of our history, she remains above all a mother who speaks to us all.

Director's Biography
Yonathan Levy, geboren 1983 in Nahariya, Israel, zog mit seinen Eltern 1984 nach Marseille. Für seine Kurzfilme erhielt Levy zahlreiche Auszeichnungen. Das Kind ist seine erste abendfüllende Dokumentation.

Filme (Auswahl): Scope Tour Retour (KF, 2004), Monterey Marienbad (KF, 2005) Another Step (KF, 2007), The Prayer (KF, 2008)
European Panorama Documentary 2010
Yonathan Levy
France 2009
93 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay André Miko, Yonathan Levy
Cinematography Yonathan Levy
Editing Yonathan Levy
Music Schumann, Beethoven, Liszt
With Irma Miko, André Miko, Sarah Miko, Claure Collin, Hans Heisel, Nadia Buha
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