It was important to create a kind of hypnotic atmosphere because the film takes place not in Budapest, but in an imaginary city with an almost spiritual atmosphere. This necropolis is the actual main character of the film. As the film unfolds, the viewer gradually gets the impression that this person is suspended between life and death in this spiritual space. The other characters are ghosts, zombies condemned to follow the dealer‘s suffering behind rigid, marionette-like masks. The dealer‘s personal tragedy gradually unveils a kind of mosaic of micro-dramas. (Benedek Fliegauf)

Competition Fiction 2004
Benedek Fliegauf
Hungary 2004
160 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Benedek Fliegauf
Cinematography Péter Szatmári
Editing Károly Szalai
Music Raptors‘ Kollektiva
With Felicián Keresztes, Barbara Thurzó, Anikó Szigeti, Edina Balogh, Lajos Szakács
Inforg Studio Kinizsi u. 11 1092 Budapest Ungarn T +36 1 2190961