Det gode livet, der borte

The Good Life - Over There

Sami is living illegally in Oslo. Someday he wants to bring his family from Albania to join him. When his boss sends him to buy memory cards, the little job turns into a multicultural adventure in the city. “One day you can be like me,” says his boss at the end of the day. Sami can only laugh. (Dominik Tschütscher)

Director's Biography
IZER ALIU, born in 1982, graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2012. His graduation film To Guard a Mountain brought him broad recognition and he was chosen one of ten Nordic directors to watch by the four largest Scandinavian film magazines. Aliu has won several national and international awards and has two feature films in the making.
Cinema Next Europe 2016
Izer Aliu
Norway 2014
black and white
30 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Izer Aliu
Cinematography John-Erling Holmenes Fredriksen
Editing Izer Aliu
Producer(s) Yngve Saether (NO)
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

gemeinsam mit / together with
(Programm / Program THE GOOD LIFE)