Die Migrantigen

The Migrumpies

In the absurd setting of The Migrumpies there are many levels which are rooted in our experiences and the lives of other people from a migrant background. I’m thinking about the father-son relationship here. We attempted to include in the film the clichés from our lives and give them a plausible feeling. Clichés are always rooted in reality. You can work with them in a very exaggerated fashion, so they are experienced as unreal. But you can also approach clichés with respect. (Arman T. Riahi) For a documentary show about a socially disadvantaged neighborhood, the two well-off friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background – before the coin flips and reality turns against them.

Director's Biography
ARMAN T. RIAHI, born in 1981 in Iran, grew up in Vienna. He studied media engineering and worked as a graphic and screen designer in London and Vienna. Since 2005, Riahi works as a freelance director and author. The Migrumpies received the Audience Award at the Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis 2017. // Films (selection): Elektronikschrott (2005, short), Schwarzkopf (2011, doc; CE’11), Everyday Rebellion (co-directed by Arash T. Riahi, 2013, doc), Kinders (co-directed by Arash T. Riahi, 2016, doc), Die Migrantigen (The Migrumpies, 2017)
European Panorama Fiction 2017
Arman T. Riahi
Austria 2017
98 minutes
Screenplay Arman T. Riahi, Aleksandar Petrović, Faris Rahoma
Cinematography Mario Minichmayr
Editing Cordula Werner, Arman T. Riahi
Producer(s) Arash T. Riahi, Karin C. Berger (Golden Girls, AT)
Austrian Rights
Produktion & Weltvertrieb / Production & World Sales
Golden Girls, Vienna

Verleih in Österreich / Austrian Distribution
Filmladen, Vienna