Du kleiner Schlawiner

Equipped with a 90s Handycam on the Urfahraner Markt Linz. Between the flickering neonlights and chippies, in search of short term happiness.

Director's Biography
Laura Jana Luterbach (1996) is a Swiss artist living and working in Lucerne and currently studies fine arts there at the School of Art and Design. She works with different media that she adapts depending on the topic. Juterbach passionately deals with the question of our existence, the magical-absurd, collective human issues, feminism, and everything that stirs inside her.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Du kleiner Schlawiner (2022)
Local Artists 2023
Laura Jana Luterbach
Austria 2022
9 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Laura Jana Luterbach
Cinematography Laura Jana Luterbach
Editing Laura Jana Luterbach
Music Terpene aka Alex Danuser, Zweites Kapitel, Rosa aka Laura Jana Luterbach
Additional Credits
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2023