Dubina Dva

Depth Two

1999: While NATO was bombing Yugoslavia, a truck containing fifty-three dead bodies plunged into the Danube near the border with Romania. No enquiries were carried out. Previously, in Suva Reka, Kosovo: Serbian police herd villagers together. A woman experiences terrible things, bodies disappear into remote mass graves. People as little more than mere matter. Monstrous events, each and every detail organized according to a logistics of cruelty by a state enacting a deadly secret plan aimed at its own population. Ognjen Glavonić’s Depth Two succeeds in measuring truth. The documentary draws on the mechanics of a thriller to reconstruct the atrocities, allowing eyewitnesses from back then to have their say in voiceover, their testimonies accompanied by images from the present. We hear the voices of perpetrators but also that of a victim. (Berlin International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
OGNJEN GLAVONIĆ was born in Pančevo, Serbia, in 1985. He studied film and television directing. Glavonić is the director and one of the founders of the Pančevo Film Festival. Depth Two is his second feature-length documentary. It premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2016. // Films (selection): Živan Pujic Jimmy (2009, short), Ritam gitara, prateći vokal (Rhythm Guitar, Back Vocals, 2010, short), Od pepela (Made of Ashes, 2012, short), Živan pravi pank festival (Živan Makes a Punk Festival, 2014, doc; CE’15), Dubina dva (Depth Two, 2016)
Competition Documentary 2017
Ognjen Glavonić
Serbia / France 2016
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ognjen Glavonić
Cinematography Tatjana Krstevski
Editing Jelena Maksimović
Sound/Sounddesign Jakov Munižaba
Producer(s) Dragana Jovović (Non-Aligned Films, RS), Sandra Orlović (Humanitarian Law Center, RS), Sophie Erbs (Cinéma Defacto, FR)
Non-Aligned Films Valjevska 8 26000 Pančevo Serbia dragana.jovovic@tkh-generator.net
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2016

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere