Elle est des nôtres

She‘s one of us

She‘s One of Us could be seen as a feminist take on the Houellebecq scenario of the isolated outsider for whom implosion is the only possible option. Played by Sasha Andres, Christine Blanc (her surname literally means „blank“) is a temporary secretary moving from office to office in a provincial town surrounded by mountains. The solitary Christine yearns to belong; she‘s desperate to have her work valued, to become part of the team, any team. The film makes its point about alienation through modernist tropes: windows and other partitions divide office interiors into Mondrian-like grids. Starkly composed frontal shots detach Christine from the background of the world. Christophe Pollock‘s camera glides with Zen-like detachment through antiseptic suburbs, past neon shop signs, through a mall. To his and Alnoy‘s credit, this routine iconography is always lucid and surprisig - images of banality, never banal images. (Jonathan Romney)

Competition Fiction 2004
Siegrid Alnoy
France 2003
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Siegrid Alnoy, Jérôme Beaujour, François Favrat
Cinematography Christophe Pollock
Editing Benoit Quinon
Music Gabriel Scotti
With Sasha Andrès, Carlo Brandt, Catherine Mouchet, Eric Caravaca, Pierre-Félix Gravière, Daniel Ceccaldi, Jacques Spiesser
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