foisches viech - Attwenger

beneath, above, in front, behind–open parenthesis (analog, digital, mixed media: deergulls, rabbit fins, and many more) close parenthesis–this beast won’t leave alone.

Director's Biography
Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann, born in Steyr, Upper Austria, studied MultimediaArt at FH Salzburg and in Berlin and is a freelance media designer and animation filmmaker. She lives in Vienna, where she teaches animation film at the Graphische HTL Wien.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
foisches viech - Attwenger (2021) - Japaner - Attwenger (2015; CE'16) - Einfamilienhaus - Attwenger (2015; CE'16) - shivering - Kilo (2012) - Curtea de Arges (2007; CE'07)
Local Artists 2022
Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann
Austria 2021
3 minutes
Music Video
Cinematography Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann
Editing Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann
Music Attwenger
Producer(s) HP Falkner
World Premiere
Diagonale 2022