Freaks Out

Rome, 1943: Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario live like siblings in Israel’s circus. When Israel mysteriously disappears, perhaps in flight or perhaps captured by the Nazis, the four “circus freaks” are left alone in the occupied city. But someone has set their eyes on them, with a plan that could change their destinies... and the course of history. FREAKS OUT stems from a challenge: that of setting against the background of the darkest episode of the 20th century a film that would be at once an adventure story, a Bildungsroman and—not least—a reflection on diversity. (Venice International Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Freaks Out (2021) - Ningyo (2016, short) - They Call Me Jeeg (2015) - Tiger Boy (2012, short) - Love in Central Park (2010, short)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight 2022
Gabriele Mainetti
Italy / Belgium 2021
141 minutes
Italian / German / French
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Gabriele Mainetti, Nicola Guaglianone
Cinematography Michele D'Attanasio
Editing Francesco di Stefano
Sound/Sounddesign Mirko Perri
Music Michele Braga, Gabriele Mainetti
With Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto, Giancarlo Martini, Giorgio Tirabassi, Max Mazzotta, Franz Rogowski
Producer(s) Andrea Occhipinti, Joseph Rouschop, Gabriele Mainetti
Lucky Red, Gapbusters, Goon Films, Rai Cinema
World Sales
True Colours
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2021
In cooperation with SLASH.