Frei wie nie - Djaro

Sometimes the paths of life overlap, sometimes they don't. Space travelers have to fulfill their missions, others get lost in parallel realities. What do we seek?

Director's Biography
Merlin Großmann is a musician and student at the University of Arts Linz. Marlene Mang-Manger studied MultiMediaArt at FH Salzburg. FREI WIE NIE is the first music video for Großmann's alter ego "Djaro".
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Frei wie nie (2020) - Vernascht (2016, Mang-Manger)
Local Artists 2021
Marlene Mang-Manger, Merlin Großmann
Austria 2020
3 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Merlin Großmann
Cinematography Felix Brandstetter
Editing Marlene Mang-Manger
Music Merlin Großmann
Producer(s) Martha Stützle
World Premiere