Go, Friend, Go

On the dock of Patras’s harbour, in Greece, we see merchant boats mooring in the roadstead. It is the first stop in the so-called “Balkan Route,” which thousands of people fleeing from Middle Eastern countries tread every year to reach Europe’s heartland. In GO, FRIEND, GO witnesses tell different stories as you reach the different stages of the journey. The initial observational approach gives way to interviews to the migrants and volunteers who rescue them at the border, where the film directors resort to diverse languages like animation and ‘found footage’ from cell phones. A formally composite film in line with the nature itself of the journey, which is multi-layered and fragmentary. (Festival dei Popoli)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Go, Friend, Go (2022, doc) - The Flower in His Mouth (2021, mid-length doc, Settembrini & Valeria Civardi) - Men Are Too Hungry (2019, doc short, Licchelli & Lorusso) - Arca Hotel (2017, mid-length doc, Lichelli & Santiago Raphael Priego)
European Panorama Documentary 2023
Gabriele Licchelli, Francesco Lorusso, Andrea Settembrini
Italy / Great Britain / Germany 2022
68 minutes
English / Pashto / Dari / Arabic
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Roshan De Stone, Hannah Kirmes-Daly, Francesco Lorusso
Cinematography Francesco Lorusso
Editing Gabriele Licchelli
Sound/Sounddesign Emiliano Gherlanz
Music Leonardo Cini
With Khalil Al Jazairi, Jumha Khan, Parwana Amiri, Abdullah Jabor Khel
Producer(s) Andrea Settembrini, Alice Drago, David Leone Suber, Margherita Mini
Broga Doite Film, Epica Film, Brush and Bow, BVMN
World Sales
Broga Doite Film
Additional Credits
Animation (Hannah Kirmes-Daly)
International Premiere
World Premiere
Festival dei Popoli 2022

Trigger Warning: Mention of police violence