Golden Lemons

My ambition was to make a movie about human relationships and confronta-tions going on at the side of a concert tour. The music of the punk-band Die Goldenen Zitronen was to play minor roles, I didn‘t want to do a conventional tour-documentary with lots of live material. I was more interested in personal positions, the existential attitudes of these artists. (Joerg Siepmann)

European Panorama 2004
Jörg Siepmann
Germany 2003
83 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Jörg Siepmann
Cinematography Hajo Schomerus
Editing Benjamin Ikes
Music Die Goldenen Zitronen, Wesley Willis
With Schorsch Kamerun, Ted Gaier, Enno Palluca, Justus Block, Wesley Willis
2 Pilots Flöter-Siepmann Filmproduktion Eigelstein 78 60668 Köln Deutschland T +49 221 9130153