Gute Arbeit

Three women, three migrant fates: Martina commutes at harvest season from Slovakia to the Austrian Marchfeld to work ten hours a day for an agricultural enterprise harvesting asparagus; Julietha from Namibia works at a mountain hostel in the Salzkammergut as a hotel administrative assistant, i.e. as maid, in the kitchen and in the office. Giordana was a lawyer in Bosnia, now she lives and works as janitorial help in a modern housing estate in the Donaucity in Vienna. Karin Macher‘s Gute Arbeit (Good Work) shows these women in their specific life circumstances, taking their individual stories as a phenomenon of everyday life in the contemporary service sector.

Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2004
Karin Macher
Austria 2004
45 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Karin Macher (nach einem Konzept von Ruth Mader un
Cinematography Clemens Lechner
Editing Nina Kusturica
Music Mladen Djikic
With Martina Kalininova, Gordana Mirkovic, Julietha Katambo
Bonus Film Bindergasse 11/28 1090 Wien T +43 1 3192464 0