Hardcore Chambermusic

I think Koch-Schütz-Studer is one of the greatest groups in the country – tempestuous and sensitive, wild and cultivated ... sophisticated music you can get your hands on. Their sets are consistently improvised, and it is in the nature of improvised music that it occasionally „goes slack“, keeps searching for a longer period of time, only to find results in the end that are all the richer for it. The film editing allows us to condense the long path of the improvising musicians on the way to their creative flights, compressing it – without sparing us the creative struggle – into a musical journey that allows us literally close-up insights into the inner life of this music. (Peter Liechti)

European Panorama 2007
Peter Liechti
Switzerland 2006
72 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Peter Liechti
Cinematography Peter Guyer, Matthias Kälin, Peter Liechti
Editing Tania Stöcklin
Music Koch-Schütz-Studer
Liechti Filmproduktion Birmensdorferstraße 51 8004 Zürich Schweiz T +41 44 242 61 09 F +41 44 242 61 09 info@peterliechti.ch www.peterliechti.ch
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