Heavens Devils Afternoons

In the action captured on film, two contrasting worlds meet. It is about the possibility of rebelling against conventions through and with the means of the everyday.

Director's Biography
Michael Heindl (*1988, Linz) lives and works as a visual artist and filmmaker in Vienna. His primary focus is on the possibilities of art in public space.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Heavens Devils Afternoons (2021) - All Now, All Free! (2020; CE'21) - Stones (2019; CE'20) - Hard-headed Harmony (2019; CE'20) - Budget Rebellion (A Clandestine Workers Tale) (2017; CE'18) - Theory of Colours (2017; CE'18)
Local Artists 2022
Michael Heindl
Austria 2021
5 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Michael Heindl
Cinematography Michael Heindl
Editing Michael Heindl
Producer(s) Michael Heindl