Hej, Slováci

Hey, You Slovacs!

A mosaic of mini-stories from contemporary Slovakia relating the complicated journey of the post-communist world toward democracy, as well as the poverty caused by economic reforms in mainly remote villages. Nostalgia for the former regime is somewhat understandable under the given circumstances and the makers of the film make it clear that it is not easy to make judgements on the recent past, as whether we like it or not each one of us and all of us were a part of it and must come to terms with it in our own fashion. The chaos is not only in the economic sphere, but first and foremost in the heads of people, scarred by long years of silence.

Panorama Special · Closer View 2004
Robert Kirchhoff
Slovakia 2002
48 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Robert Kirchhoff
Cinematography Martin Kollár
Editing Martin Herc, Miloš Gluvna, Rudolf Potancok
Inštitút pre verjné otáky Hviezdoslavovo nám. 15 SLO-811 02 Bratislava T +421254434030-32 ipa@ivo.sk