Homeward Bound - Sulla strada di casa

Homeward Bound – Sull a strada di casa is an experimental film realized with a group of teenagers who live at the “Hotel House”, a huge and isolated skyscraper of 17 floors and 480 apartments in Italy. This place is home to some 2,000 people from more than 40 different countries. True imaginary stories narrated and interpreted by adolescents who wrote to tell their perception of themselves and the world around them.

Director's Biography
GIORGIO CINGOLANI is a documentarist and cultural anthropologist. In 2001, he founded the video production company VIEW – Video & Ethnology Worldwide. // Films (selection): Elcito (2003, short doc), Les génies font la fête (2003, doc), Hotel House (2005, doc), Amazzonia: nel nome dell a madre terra (Amazzonia: in the Name of Mother Earth, 2012, doc), Homeward Bound – Sull a strada di casa (2016, doc) CLAUDIO GAETANI is a director, photographer, and professor at the University of Macerata. He is the co-writer and co-director of Homeward Bound – Sull a strada di casa.
Architektur und Gesellschaft | Architecture and Society 2016
Giorgio Cingolani, Claudio Gaetani
Italy 2016
97 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Giorgio Cingolani, Claudio Gaetani
Cinematography Giorgio Cingolani
Editing Giorgio Cingolani
Sound/Sounddesign Stefano Sasso
Music Mauro Rosati, various artists
With Nabil Chowdhury, Yasin Khaer, Ferdaus Rashid, Anta Diop, Alamin Madber, Shah Zib, Didar Islam, Foyez Forid, Zak, Sajjad Hossain, Cristina Aurelia Popa, Francesco Vesprini, Oscar Genovese, Fernanda Banks, Luigi Izzo
Producer(s) Giorgio Cingolani (VIEW – Video & Ethnology Worldwide, IT)
VIEW – Video & Ethnology Worldwide Via dei Bersaglieri, 5 62019 Recanati, Italy giorgiocingolani@gmail.com www.giorgiocingolani.it
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
World Premiere