For instance: the mushroom. When devoloping his filmic theories on modern society Vít Janecek starts right there from the ground, pondering over a very real object. What does a mushrooms way of existing, its position within the natural order of things tell us about life? In his one-hour-documentary he also talks to microbiologists, mycologists, botanists or the manager of a hypermarket and sometimes gets some inspiration from the „old master“ Karel Vachek.

Closer View · Panorama Special 2004
Vít Janecek
Czech Republic 2000
57 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vít Janecek, Jan Gogola jr., u.a.
Cinematography Velimir Kovacic
Editing Petr Mrkous
With Dr. John Dodd, Dr. Milan Gryndler, Mikrobiologen und Pilzforscher; Martin Zapletal, Supermarktmanager; Dr. Miroslav Petrícek, Philosoph, u.a.