Il cratere


The Crater is a land of underdogs, indistinct space, constant noise. Rosario is a street vendor, a gitane of village fairs, who gives away soft toys to whoever draws a winning number. The war he has declared against his own destiny has the immature and indolent body of his thirteen-year-old daughter: Sharon is pretty and can sing, and in this hotbed of stopgaps and desperate living, she's his weapon for survival. But success becomes an obsession, and talent becomes a punishment. (Venice International Film Critics’ Week)

Director's Biography
Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi
Luca Bellino (1978) and Silvia Luzi (1976) directed the documentaries “The Threat” (2008) and “On the Art of War” (2013), the latter winning the Social Awareness Award at Crossing Europe 2014. As directors, they received several international awards. Together they founded Tfilm Production Company. “The Crater” is their first feature film.

Film Selection: Il Cratere (Crater, 2017) — Dell’arte della guerra (On the Art of War, 2013, doc; CE’14) — La minaccia (The Threat, 2008, doc)
2018: CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2018
Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
Italy 2017
93 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi, Rosario Caroccia
Cinematography Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi
Editing Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi
Sound/Sounddesign Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi
Music Alessandro Paolini
With Sharon Caroccia, Rosario Caroccia
Producer(s) Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi
Tfilm, Rai Cinema
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Venice International Film Critics' Week 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film 2018
powered by Linz Kultur & Land Oberösterreich / Kultur
Special Jury Award - €2.500,-