Il vento, di sera

The Wind, in the Evening

From the protagonist’s point of view, the wind sweeping away his love and upsetting his life coincides exactly with an act of violence that strongly affects the social and political life of the entire country. The hugeness of a terrorist attack redoubles and reverberates in a common man’s heart. An atrocious political crime is the starting point of a reflection upon human implications of a sudden death: an unintentional and unexpected desertion. We are weakly hanging by the thread of life just like leaves that “a little breath of wind could sweep away”. (B.M. Koltès).

Competition Fiction 2004
Andrea Adriatico
Italy 2004
92 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Stefano Casi, Andrea Adriatico
Cinematography Gigi Martinucci, Alessandro Ruggeri
Editing Roberto Passuti
Music Roberto Passuti
With Corso Salani, Francesca Mazza, Sergio Romano, Fabio Valletta, Francesca Ballico, Paolo Billi, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Daniela Cotti, Franco Laffi, Luca Levi, Claudio Marchione, Carlotta Miti, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Alessandro Fullin, Ivano Marescotti
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