Kenedi se vraća kući

Kenedi Goes Back Home

In Kenedi se vraca kuci (Kennedy Goes Back Home), elimir ilnik tackles a subject which one would think is beyond irony: the forceful expatriation of the Roma, or gypsies, from Western Europe. Though it would benefit from tighter editing, the film speaks with a strong voice that should be heard via socially interested broadcasters. (Deborah Young )

European Panorama 2004
Želimir Žilnik
Serbia / Montenegro 2003
74 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography Miodrag Milosevic
Editing Marko Cvejic
With Kenedi Hasani, Denis Ajeti, Dzemsit Buzoli, Sabaheta Alijevic, Mevlan Alijevic
Terra Film Futoska 66 SRB-21000 Novi Sad T 1 21 20 992