La Mémoire des Enfants

The film deals with the fate of Jewish children under the Vichy government. Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, Nazi hunters, historians and activists, present material collected during decades of meticulous research. In their emotional testimony, six survivors, who in those days were children or adolescents, describe for the first time their arrest and deportation. Their political analysis unequivocally points to the responsibility of the Vichy government. Furthermore, Serge Klarsfeld recalls the prominent role of Austrian Nazis in the implementation of the ”final solution“ in France.

Local Artists 2007
Hannes Gellner
Austria / France 2006
72 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Cinematography Hannes Gellner, Thomas Draschan
Editing Hannes Gellner, Thomas Draschan
Draschan, Gellner, Amour Fou c/o Hannes Gellner Am Bühel 7 4073 Wilhering T +43 676 76 09 419