La Montagne Magique

The Magic Mountain

This film describes the adventures of Polish photographer and mountaineer Adam J. Winkler (1937 – 2002), who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan on the side of the mujahedin. The narrative, created using combined techniques involving actors and, for the most part, animation, is conceived as a dialogue between Winkler and his daughter Ania. Visually, the work is built up around Winkler’s photographs and naivistic drawings, which are graphically modified in various styles: sometimes merely as sketches, at other times in eye-catching gouache or watercolor, elsewhere via artistically treated and animated sequences. (Eva Zaoralová, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
ANCA DAMIAN, born in 1962, is an award-winning Romanian animation film artist, producer, and scriptwriter. Her credits include several internationally acclaimed feature and short films, including the award-winning global hit Crulic – The Path to Beyond. CROSSING EUROPE honored Damian’s extensive oeuvre with its Tribute in 2012. // Films (selection): Întâlniri încrucișate (Crossing Dates, 2008; CE’12), Crulic – drumul spre dincolo (Crulic – The Path to Beyond, 2011; CE’12), O vară foarte instabilă (A Very Unsettled Summer, 2013), La montagne magique (The Magic Mountain, 2015)
European Panorama Documentary 2016
Anca Damian
Romania / France / Poland 2015
86 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Anca Damian, Anna Winkler
Sound/Sounddesign Frédéric Théry, Sebastian Wlodarczyk
Music Alexander Balanescu
With Christophe Miossec, Lizzie Brochère
Producer(s) Anca Damian (Aparte Film, RO), Guillaume de Seille, Bénédicte Thomas (Arizona Production, FR), Joanna Ronikier, Włodzimierz Matuszewski (Filmograf, PL), Studio Miniatur Filmowych (PL), Studio Video Art (RO),Krakow Festival Office (PL), Telewizja Polska
Aparte Film Cãlãra.ilor 165 030614 Bucharest Romania
Animation Theodore Ushev, Sergiu Negulici, Raluca Popa, Dan Panaitescu and Tomek Ducki

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere