L'alfabeto delle cose piccole

“The alphabet of little things” is an animated book, where little things jump around, tremble, dance, and invite the viewer to participate. It is based on a bibliophile work printed in an edition of twenty, a book printed with letters of lead and wood, xylography and individual drawings.

Director's Biography
Linda Wolfsgruber ist bildende Künstlerin und Buchillustratorin. Federica Pagnucco ist bildende Künstlerin und Illustratorin. Thomas Renoldner ist Filmemacher, Musiker, Kurator und Lehrender. L'ALFABETO DELLE COSE PICCOLE (2015) ist ihr erster gemeinsamer Film.
Local Artists 2015
Federica Pagnucco
Austria / Italy 2014
4 minutes
without dialogue