lava flow

A volcanic eruption near Reykjavik, Iceland, as both a familiar and dramatic event–a fascination of movements, colors, forms and sounds.

Director's Biography
Manfred Neuwirth is a director, cinematographer, media artist, and lecturer at the University of Arts Linz, who walks a fine line between documentary film, innovative cinema and new media. He describes himself as an explorer, archivist, photographer and sound seeker.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
lava flow (2021) - by the sea (2020) - The sea only talks about the sea (2019) - From a nearby country (2015) - Private News (2003) - manga train (1998) - Reminiscences of a lost land (1988)
Local Artists 2022
Manfred Neuwirth
Austria 2021
15 minutes
without dialogue
Cinematography Manfred Neuwirth
Editing Manfred Neuwirth
Music Christian Fennesz
Producer(s) Manfred Neuwirth
World Sales
Medienwerkstatt Wien
Austrian Premiere