Le moindre centime

To the Last Penny

Portraits of Liliane, Wilfried, Elodie and Haddou. They submit food stamp requests and unpaid bills to Martine, the social worker who helps them. They talk about the hardships of unemployment or the difficulties of raising children. Sometimes they talk about their anger. Life goes on without moving forward. Between a karate lesson, a choir meeting and a small job, every day is a struggle.

Director's Biography
ERIKA HAGLUND works as an editor and has directed three short films until now.

// Films: LA MER À BOIRE (2001, short), TARTE AUX POMMES (2002, short), MARGARITA (2005) BENJAMIN SERERO is a director of photography, photographer and directed short fictions and documentaries.

// Films (selected): LA RETRAITE (2003, doc), MERCREDI (2006, short), LE REAGRD DU MYOPE (2009, doc), LE REFRAIN (2011, short) LE MOINDRE CENTIME (To the Last Penny, 2012) is the first film they directed together.
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2013
Erika Haglund
France 2012
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Erika Haglund
Cinematography Benjamin Serero
Editing Erika Haglund
Sound/Sounddesign Benjamin Viau, Bruno Reiland
Music Stefano Bollani
With Martine Leroy
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