Le Monde Vivant

The Living World

Le Monde Vivant is a fairytale for everyone and all age groups - but one that has special appeal for those of us with a preference for intellectual self-mockery and dry humorous minimalism. Green adopts a deceptively faux-naif style in this enchanting story of enchantment. Raymond Queneau meets the Bresson of Lancelot du Lac in an chivalric epic complete with ogres and lions.

European Panorama 2004
Eugéne Green
France / Belgium 2003
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Eugène Green
Cinematography Raphaël O. Byrne
Editing Benoît de Clerck, Cheng Xiao Xing
Music Christina Pluhar, Damien Guillon
With Adrien Michaux, Alexis Loret, Laurene Cheilan, Christelle Prot
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