Leichte Winter

Europe looks toward the east. Doris Kittler travels through the former Soviet Union and tells of the fascinating, contradictory, scurrilously humorous, but also hard experiences that living in this region can mean for a central European. She traces ambivalent feelings and shows the process of an encounter that engenders change. Oscillating between curiosity about what is foreign and longing for what is familiar immediately raises the question: What is home? Her documentary film shows the perspective of foreign lectors living through this process of encounter and returning as changed individuals.

European Panorama 2004
Doris Kittler
Germany / Austria 2004
82 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Doris Kittler
Cinematography Andreas Haider, Doris Kittler
Editing Andreas Haider, Doris Kittler
With Tobias Hipp, Barbara Wattendorf, Heike Mall, Ulrike Fischer
Doris Kittler Fugbachgasse 16/5 A-1020 Wien T +43 1 2181092 leichtewinter@cronos.at