The film is part of the performance “My Private Belgrade” by Momo Subotic, who walks through Belgrade with a video hand organ and gives, in exchange with a bizarre, dark or everyday story of the viewer, an insight into moments of his life which are in his portable video archive. LONGING is a film of this story exchange with Gasa Jeremic.

Director's Biography
ERICH GOLDMANN, geb. 1968 in Freistadt, arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von Installation, Film, Fotografie und Performance. 2009 Gründung des Kollektivs „Goldmann, Strohmann, Subotic“. // Filme (Auswahl): THE DORINE CHAIKIN INSTITUTE (2007; CE '08), GERMANIA SONG (2009; CE '10), HUNDSPROZESSE ZI. 102-128 (2011; CE ‘12), LONGING (2012) Momir Subotic, geb. 1965 in Mostar, lebt als Künstler in Kopenhagen.
Local Artists 2013
Erich Goldmann
Austria / Serbia 2012
3 minutes
without dialogue