Siblings Nina and Ben live together without parents in an apartment in Wels. Ben has no job and is left by his girlfriend. One day he disappears.

Director's Biography
A Medien Kultur Haus Youth Media Project. This short film was made by young filmmakers as part of a workshop in Wels, Upper Austria, in the summer of 2021.
Local Artists 2022
Barbara Rettig, Marcel Pürstinger, Magdalena Jahn, Leon Fasthuber
Austria 2021
18 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Paul Porenta
Cinematography Jonas Wiesinger
Editing Oliver Parsch
Music Moritz Stacherl, Julian Straßer, Leon Pohn, Rainer Brunnthaller, Johanna Weiß
Producer(s) Boris Schuld
Medien Kultur Haus
World Premiere
Programmkino Wels, March 2021