Love Steaks

Clemens starts a new job as a massage therapist in a luxury hotel. The ladies he massages bashfully yet sensitively fall for his hands and make advances to him that throw him off balance. Lara, who works in the kitchen, tries it the hard way. She shakes Clemens up and brings him out of his shell. She is the knife, he is the spoon. She tries to rid him of his fears, he tries to rid her of her addiction. An unlikely couple falls in love. Dirty, bloody, great and honest.

Director's Biography
Jakob Lass, born 1981 in Germany, is a member of the independent film school film-Arche Kreuzberg and a trained actor. He has been studying directing at the HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg since 2009. His award-winning and widely-shown filmography currently includes over a dozen short films and 2011’s feature film FRONTALWATTE. LOVE STEAKS is his second feature-length film. It had its world premiere at the Munich Int’l Filmfest and was awarded the Max Ophüls Prize in 2014. // Films (selected): FELINES HIRSCH (2009, short), FRONTALWATTE (2011), KISS OFF (2010, short), LOVE STEAKS (2013)
Competition Fiction 2014
Jakob Lass
Germany 2013
89 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jakob Lass, Ines Schiller, Timon Schäppi, Nico Woche
Cinematography Timon Schäppi
Editing Gesa Jäger
Sound/Sounddesign Julius Middendorff
Music Golo Schultz
With Lana Cooper, Franz Rogowski
University of Film and Television (HFF) „Konrad Wolf“ Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg Germany T +49 331 6202 564 F +49 331 6202 199